How To Install Dolls House Lighting

We frequently receive enquiries from customers asking how to install dolls house lighting. We are always happy to answer any questions, but to assist further we have recently updated our dolls house lighting guide which can be viewed at

Dolls house lighting components

Dolls house lighting components

We stock a wide range of dolls house lighting components to suit different dolls house projects.  These include simple plug-in connectors and individually switched systems.  Also a wide range of light fittings, glowing fires and more.  View our lighting range at:


Dolls house with lighting installed

Dolls house with lighting installed



Dolls House Decorating – Brick & Stone Finishes


Create realistic brick & stone finishes on dolls houses & models using Realistic Brick Compound. Simple application method using a stencil.

New products recently added to the range including Terracotta colour Brick Compound, Rustic Brick and English Bond Stencil designs. Scales include 1:12, 1:24, 1:48 and more.

Visit our website to explore our range of dolls house decorating materials at

Dolls House Lighting – Bring your house to life…

Dolls House Lighting

Lights and wiring components for dolls houses

Miniature lights bring a dolls house to life. Chandeliers, lamps, flickering candles and glowing fires can all be added using a simple wiring system.

We have a large range of dolls house lighting items in stock including all types of lights, LED’s, wiring components and power supplies. We have recently added many new items including a remote control system.

To view our dolls house lighting product range and our helpful wiring guide visit:

An Impressive New Dolls House Facade!

Dolls House front facade before replacement

Dolls House front facade before replacement


One of our lesser known services is the supply of replacement dolls house fronts and other parts. We make these to order so they are tailor made to fit the customers existing dolls house and can accommodate their design requirements.

These photos were sent in by a customer who wanted to give their much cherished dolls house a face lift. Using the customers design we produced new front panels to fit the house and basement with apertures to fit new window frames. We also made a new entrance staircase to stand in front of the basement. The customer has made a really nice job of fitting and decorating the parts and has added many fine details resulting in a very impressive transformation.

Dolls House with New Front Facade

Dolls House with New Front Facade

Dolls House with New Front Facade

Dolls House with New Front Facade

For more information on our replacement dolls house fronts please visit our website at….

1:48 Scale Realistic Brick & Stone Finishes

1:48 scale dolls houses have grown dramatically in popularity in recent years and as a supplier of realistic brick and stone finishing materials for larger 1:12 scale dolls houses and 1:24 scale, we have received a growing number of requests for 1:48 scale products.  Keen to follow this growing trend we have been busy experimenting and developing our products in recent months and having overcome some difficult technical challenges we now produce a range of brick and stone stencils and impress moulds in 1:48 scale.  In addition we also produce these in various railway modelling scales including ‘O’ gauge (1:43.5).  These can be found on our website at

Using the new stencils effectively to produce realistic finishes on 1:48 scale dolls houses still remains bit of a challenge.  We have experimented with two different approaches, both of which are fairly tricky, but can produce very good results with a little skill and perseverance.

The first technique was to use the stencils with Realistic Brick Compound in exactly the same was as the larger scales are done.  Whilst this does work, the compound texture appears more coarse at the smaller 1:48 scale and also it is difficult to prevent the compound from bleeding under the mortar lines on the stencil due to their very fine profile.  This method is probably better suited to stone finishes and creating more rustic effects.

The second technique we have experimented with is using the 1:48 scale stencil as an impression mould to impress the pattern on air drying clay or similar material.  First the clay needs to be rolled to a very thin sheet which can be glued to the dolls house wall.  The stencil can then be laid over the wall and pressed firmly into the surface using a flat faced tool.  After impressing the brick or stone pattern the detail can be highlighted using acrylic or water colour paints to enhance the detail after the clay has hardened.

The methods described are not foolproof and perfect results are not guaranteed, but I have learned from a number of 1:48 scale dolls house enthusiasts that they are not afraid of a challenge and feedback has been very encouraging.

Below are some examples showing 1:48 scale stencils used to create brick and stone impressions on air drying clay.



1:48 scale stencils


1:48 scale stone impression on air drying clay

1:48 scale stone impression created by pressing a stencil into the surface of air drying clay


Sample of 1:48 scale impression on clay

Finished sample of 1:48 scale impression on clay after washing with acrylic paint to highlight the impressed mortar lines


1:48 scale brick impression

1:48 scale brick impression on terracotta colour air drying clay

painting the mortar colour

Acrylic paint wash to create brick colour and contrasting mortar colour


Finished sample of 1:48 scale brick  impression on clay

Finished sample of 1:48 scale brick impression on clay


Realistic Brick Compound

This image shows the coarser finish created using Realistic Brick Compound which is applied using a stencil. This example is 1:43.5 scale for ‘O’ gauge railway modelling. The slightly larger scale is easier to apply using the stencil and compound.


Castle with Stone Finish


Castle with stone finish

Castle with stone finish

The castle is made from MDF and has a decorative stone effect finish created using Realistic Brick Compound.  The stone finish is easy to apply using a stencil.  Realistic Brick Compound and stencils can be used to create a variety of realistic brick and stone decorative finishes.  See our website for further details.

The Castle

New Kit Design – The Castle

The Castle - 1:24 Scale Kit

We have just introduced a brand new design to our dolls house range.   A Medieval castle kit incorporating many authentic architectural features.

  • Opening front – 2x hinged doors plus removable centre section
  • Turreted roof areas
  • Portcullis / drawbridge
  • Attractive stone mullion Gothic style windows

Castle Interior


With ten interior rooms plus three roof areas with battlements this is a versatile building which is equally appealing for both adult dolls house collectors and children.

Please see our website for further details on the Castle Kit at

Proxxon Power Tools


Proxxon Power Tools for Hobbies

We now stock the Proxxon range of power tools and accessories in addition to our range of hand tools.  These high quality tools are designed specifically for hobby craft use and allow increased accuracy and safety when working with small workpieces compared to normal diy tools.  They are ideal for many dolls house and general model making uses and their excellent design makes them a pleasure to use.

We also stock a wide range of timber (Mahogany, Obeche and Walnut) in various sheet and strip sizes and mouldings, ideal for hobby craft projects such as dolls house furniture making etc.  

Please see our website for further details of the Proxxon tool range, including video demonstrations showing the tools in use.

New Dolls House Kit – The Barrowden

The Barrowden Dolls House Kit
The Barrowden Dolls House Kit

First launched at Miniatura, see the new ‘Barrowden’ dolls house kit introduced by Barbaras Mouldings.  This impressive house is described by the manufacturer as a Regency gentlemans house with French influence.  This house has a footprint measuring 30.5″ wide x 18.25″ deep approx which is less than a lot of houses of similar style so it may appeal to people with limited space.  The house has an impressive facade with generous detailing.  There are 8 rooms including the attic rooms plus a central hallway / stairwell and the main rooms have high ceilings appropriate for this style of property.

This dolls house kit will first be available for delivery in the second or third week of October, but can be pre-ordered on our website.  The manufacturers RRP is £190.00, but we are currently offering a discounted price of £159.00.

See more details on The Barrowden Dolls House Kit

Dolls House Power Supplies – New Range

Dower Supplies for Dolls House Lighting

Power Supply (Transformer) for Dolls House Lighting

We recently introduced a new range of digital power supplies for dolls house lighting.  Units range from 1.25A up to 3A output to suit a range of applications (determined by the number of bulbs to be powered).

Features Include:

  • 12V DC Regulated Voltage
  • 1.25A to 3A Output
  • Digital switching Mode
  • Meets the 2011 Energy Efficiency Regulations

These latest power supplies offer improved energy efficiency, reliability and safety compared to older style transformers and will ensure maximum life for dolls house light bulbs. To see more details on these Dolls House Power Supplies please visit the website.

We offer a full range of dolls house lights and wiring components and we are always happy to offer advice by email of telephone when requested.  See all Dolls House Lighting products.