24th Scale Dolls Houses Featured in The Dolls House Magazine

The Dolls House Magazine

Featured 24th Scale dolls houses from Bromley Craft Products

The Dolls House Magazine (October 2011 Edition)

See our 24th scale dolls houses featured in the dolls house magazine.  The houses all have realistic brick exteriors which were created using realistic brick compound which is applied using a stencil.

Our Featured Houses:

  • Willow Cottage (Front Cover Photo)
  • Bay View House
  • Willow Cottage with Basement
  • Tudor House


Bay View House & Willow Cottaage


All dolls house kits and realistic brick finishing materials shown are available from www.craft-products.com.





Tudor House




Project with Free Dolls House Plans

dolls house projectNew project guide just added to the website featuring our very popular Bay View Dolls House at: http://www.craft-products.com/dolls-house-project-bayview.asp.

Free Dolls House Plans to download
Step-by-step instructions with photos and video / slideshow

The project shows how dolls house kit was build including exterior brick finish, installing the lighting etc.. 

Bay View Dolls House Basement Kit

Basement kit now available for the 12th and 24th scale versions of Bay View dolls house kit.  …

The basement is proving to be a very popular addition to this dolls house with the majority of customers opting to buy the house and basement together.

The basement adds two rooms to the dolls house (same dimensions as rooms in house) plus an attractive exterior facade including paving are and steps.